Tuesday, 4 October 2022


Prince - 5 1/2 years old

Prince ~ meaning "Noble Character" was born Valentine’s Day 14th February 2017. He is a hound mix with a glorious hound bark whose mother is Beatrice (adopted) and his siblings are King, Polly, Molly and Henry (all adopted) and Henrietta. He is a larger dog weighing 34kg.

Prince is part human! He loves to talk to you as he receives his cuddle. Once he knows you he is such a cuddle bug. He adores affection and being stroked. He seeks out human company. He will play with toys, but his preference will be to sit with you and enjoy time with you!

He really enjoys food, especially treats!
He is cheeky and pinches food from the barrel if I've got it in the run! He's good with focus games especially for treats, so with patience can be trained with relative ease.

He is SO food motivated but he is gentle when taking food. It’s ideal because he is easily tempted and won round but he is so calm it’s not overwhelming!

He enjoys to run and play with his pen pooch Annie. He gets on with the majority of the dogs.

He can be wary and will stand back if a
strangers approaches to begin with and then when he is offered a treat he changes in seconds. He will do anything for food!

He loves to sniff when he is out. He walks well on a lead but needs more practice and socialising out and about. He sits and absorbs the sounds and what’s going on around him as he’s out. He will be a real blessing to any family fortunate enough to adopt him.

Please consider this special boy as nearly 6 years is a long time to live in a shelter.

Thank you for reading. All enquiries to C4GP at

Additional photos of Prince can be found in his photo album   

Prince, Greek Rescue Dog


Tuesday, 27 September 2022



Kooka- 5 years old 

Kooka ~ meaning "Our Beautiful Girl" born 18 June 2017.  Kooka is a mixed breed girl weighing approx 28kg. 

Kooka is Super affectionate and will always be the first to say hello with the best wiggly bottom ever seen! Kooka is very loving, sweet, fun and not made for shelter life. She enjoys a good fuss and cuddle.

She has striking colouring, eyebrows and a super character to match! She would thrive with a family to love and a garden to play and run in. She can sometimes jump up if she is excited but does this less often now. 

Kooka is active, with lots of energy and would benefit from training and possibly regular runs in a secure field. She walks well when out on a lead. She loves her food and benefits from using a slow feeder. 

Her pen mate is Rouli. They enjoy a good run and play well together. She likes to play with toys and gets on well with most dogs. 

Her siblings are Star-Socks, Holmes, Watson, Quinn (adopted), Grayson (adopted), Dora (adopted) and
Gertie (adopted).

Please consider this special girl as 5 years is a long time to live in a shelter.
Thank you for reading. All enquiries to C4GP at
Additional photos of Kooka can be found in her photo album
Kooka, Greek Rescue Dog


Sunday, 12 June 2022

Brooke and Cleopatra go to the groomers!

Sisters Brooke and Cleopatra have both been treated to a visit to the groomers.

Email: compassionforgreekpaws@gmail.com






Thursday, 9 June 2022

Three new puppies!

We recently had three gorgeous puppies left outside the shelter, two girls and one boy. We have named them Dash, DeeDee and Julie. 

Email: compassionforgreekpaws@gmail.com










Tuesday, 7 June 2022


Yet another poor boy dumped in the village. He's been chased and kicked and stones thrown at him just because he was asking for attention. 
This big boy is approximately 1 year old, is very friendly and has obviously lived with people until recently.
We really don't have room at the shelter or the manpower to take on anymore dogs but we couldn't leave him on the street where he was being abused 😢
He has been to the vet and has a full bill of health, he just needs feeding up a bit.He has been worm/flea, vaccinated and will be neutered at the first opportunity.
The vet assistant Alex has suggested a name that we liked..........
So everybody meet Larry





Sunday, 5 June 2022

C4GP 2023 Calendar Entries

Do you want your dog to appear in Compassion For Greek Paws 2023 calendar??
£5 donation per photo entry
Please email an uncropped version of your image to compassioncalendar2023@gmail.com and please make sure to include the following details:
• Your pet's name
• Your name
• Your postal address
• Your email address/phone number
• How many calendars you would like to order
• The amount you have paid
The deadline to email your photograph is the 30th of June, and payments must be made through either PayPal or bank transfer. To avoid complications, please remember to make your payment as "Paying a friend/family".
Bank Account -
Name Saving Every Stray
Sort Code: 30-90-89
Account Number 37534968
PayPal -
Calendars will be sold for £10 + postage when they have been printed. 
So don’t delay, the clock is ticking, find that lovely photo or take a new one and email by the 30th June to make sure you don’t miss out! 💙🇬🇷🐾 





Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Neuter day

A big thank you to Greek Animal Rescue for funding the neuter of our dogs, you are invaluable to us and we appreciate your help and support so much.